The PIPECARE Group focuses on in-line inspection and integrity services for pipelines.

Crucially, the company consistently achieves above and beyond the standards set by the Pipeline Operators’ Forum (POF). This level of achievement goes above the industry’s required guarantees regarding anomaly inspection.

We provide complete solutions to all aspects of In-Line Inspection.

PIPECARE Group is a full-fledged Research & Development Centre with first class Engineers and a multitude of Ph.D. & M.D. Holders. We provide intelligent In-line Inspection Services to pipeline operators in the oil and gas industry and ensure pipeline integrity by providing highly accurate information for Maintenance and Repair Programs.

PIPECARE innovations are based on continuous product & services improvements & developments. We have the second-largest fleet of intelligent In-line inspection tools & full range of pipeline diameters from 2” to 56” in the world and have designed and manufactured inspection systems utilizing the latest technologies and highly skilled people.

Become a leader in the In-line Inspection by providing our clients with advanced technological solutions and partnerships.

Provide best-in-class pipeline integrity services to our clients, find innovative solutions to their challenges, and be their preferred partner of choice.

build long-term relationships with our clients and other stakeholders and provide exceptional services by pursuing business through safe and environment-friendly operations, innovation, and advanced technology.

Our Core Values


Our SOLUTIONS are key to supporting our clients with their integrity challenges

  • We continuously invest in R&D to ensure we offer Industry-First solutions to our clients
  • We have a high first run success rate and pride ourselves on accurate and timely reporting
  • We are proud to set out an impressive track record of completing challenging inspections


Our PEOPLE are key to our success.

  • We believe local knowledge and communication are essential to our vast client base, thus we proudly invest heavily in our project management teams ‘on the ground’
  • Our people are focused on a safety-first culture and we are proud of zero accident records
  • We nurture and empower our talented team who take pride in delivering excellent results for our client


INTEGRITY is what makes our business.

  • We focus on achieving the highest levels of industry standards
  • We have a very dedicated team of people who go above and beyond for our clients
  • We will always provide a suitable solution to any pipeline inspection challenge

Comprehensive In-line Inspection Technology Solutions

Built on a solid foundation, the PIPECARE Group provides a complete range of premium services for pipeline inspection and integrity management using our advanced technologies, including:

  • Pipeline Cleaning and Supply of Cleaning Tools
  • Caliper (Geometry) Inspection
  • High-Resolution Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection (MFL)
  • Transverse Field Magnetic Flux Leakage Inspection (TFI)
  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Measurement (UTWM)
  • Ultrasonic Circumferential Crack Detection (UTCCD)
  • Ultrasonic Longitudinal Crack Detection (UTLCD)
  • Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer Inspection (EMAT)
  • Specialized Downhole Tubular Inspection
  • Specialized Heater Tube Inspection
  • XYZ Mapping