Ultrasonic Crack Detection (UTCD)

Our Ultrasonic Crack Detection (UTCD) Tool is designed to measure pipe wall thickness and detect longitudinal and circumferential cracks for pipelines with nominal diameters from 16″ to 56″.


UTCD has a high probability of detection (POI>90%) for internal and external cracks/crack-like features. It can be configured to detect longitudinal or circumferential crack anomalies.

UTCD carries several ultrasonic transducers for wall thickness recording to support accurate crack depth sizing. The tool resolution is best at 2m/s velocity, and its performance specification is in full compliance with POF 2016 and the latest ATEX code.

General Specifications
Tool inspection technologyPulse-echo UT
Tool inspection speed range, m/sec0.2 – 2.2
Maximum sampling rate, time based, ms1.3
Wall thickness range, mm4 – 25
Maximum circumferential sensor spacing, mm4 mm