Pipeline Repair

PIPECARE Group offers a full range of pipeline repair and modification services.


PIPECARE Group provides integrity maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, a full range of pipeline repair, and modification services for offshore or onshore pipelines.

Our services respond to every world standards and client’s needs. We can do fast-responding repair and maintenance services for every health and environmental requirement.

Repair and maintenance services can be a wise approach in case of pipeline emergencies. By using our services, we can prolong the pipeline’s lifetime and significantly reduce repair time without the stoppage of pipeline operations. It is inevitably significant for the client’s convenience to increase pipeline functionality, taking into account the growth of the oil and gas pipeline grid.

Quick Repairs
We have developed expertise in pipeline repair using carbon fiber technology. It has the resources to carry out the field repairs and reinforce pipe wall strength. This technique ensures keeping MAOP as designed even if the actual pipe wall metal loss reaches 80% of the wall thickness.

Before field application, we carry out the necessary calculations and computer simulations using sophisticated software tools to ensure the reliability of the repair.

Our pipeline repair activities aim at minimum shut down requirements as well as minimum surface preparation for cost-effectiveness. We can provide certification and training of application technicians upon client request.

Repair Programs
We present short and long term repair strategies to maintain and improve the lifetime of the pipeline economically. We assess the inspection data to identify permanent and temporary repair areas in compliance with the most stringent standards and recommended practices.