Magnetic Surface Inspection

Magnetic survey of the pipeline condition using a magnetic surface scanner


Magnetic surface inspection is based on the registration and analysis of anomalies in the magnetic field intensity that arise in the concentration zones of longitudinal and transverse stresses, plastic deformation, and changes in the structure of the metal in the areas of pipeline material pre-destruction and destruction.

We use a magnetic surface scanning equipment for detection, determination of coordinates, and tracking magnetic field anomalies associated with features in the base metal, the metal of welded joints, and the general stressing of the pipeline.

This external magnetic inspection technology has been developed for the inspection of ferrous unpiggable pipelines. Magnetic surface inspection can take place where other technologies (including In-Line Inspection) cannot be utilized.


  • Magnetic survey of the pipeline condition using a magnetic surface scanner
  • Analysis of the design, executive and operational documentation of the pipeline
  • Visual inspection of the pipeline route
  • Marking the longitudinal coordinates of the control pits on the pipeline route using a portable odometer and determining the registration point’s geographical coordinates using GPS
  • Using Eddy current flaw detector for crack-like features
  • Computerized processing of inspection survey data using digital software to generate pipeline condition reports and assess the technical condition of pipeline sections
  • Registration of the survey results

General SpecificationsValue
Pipeline Diameter100 mm to 1400 mm
Wall thickness range2.5 mm to 24 mm
Pipe burial depth10 D
Clear ROW requirement± 4 m of the pipe route
Magnetic Data collection frequency2 cm, 2.5 cm, 3 cm
Inspection (in km) in single day4-6
Magnetic InterferenceMinimum distance between pipeline and other metallic utility line
Odometer to be changed for longer lineNo
Mini display unit in the tool to alert if there is something wrong with electronics and hardware is corruptYes