PREDICTA Integrity Software

Prevent future pipeline failures by visualizing your pipelines



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Predictive assessment & optimization

Very often, pipeline integrity-related data are dispersed. Many companies are challenged to manage an integrated approach due to multiple data storage locations used and massive amounts of digital information, making it difficult to achieve the integrity objective:

“Maintain the pipeline condition to operate safely, reliably, and economically within its design parameters.”

Integrating data related to the pipeline’s critical activities could result in a more effective integrity program. Predicta, with its built-in integration capabilities, achieves this objective and results in a more effective and efficient pipeline network integrity tool management:

  • It presents all available digital information on your pipeline network comprehensively.

  • It recommends maintenance optimization.

  • It visualizes the pipelines routing in 2D or 3D for quick and seamless assessments

Using Predicta, you can quickly and accurately integrate into your existing database by using various standards for assessments and you can extend your network life cycle efficiently.

In compliance with international standards, e.g. API, ASME, DNV, Predicta utilizes the results of In-line Inspection as a base to evaluate the pipeline integrity by:

  • Estimated Repair Factor

  • Safe and Failure Pressure

  • Joints by Severity

  • Pipeline Remaining Life

  • Mitigation / Repair Time


  • Visualization of the pipeline network
  • Advanced multitasking and processing
  • Pipeline integrity prediction
  • Pipeline joints severity classification
  • Repair recommendation
  • Corrosion growth model compatibility