Flow Lines Inspection

Uninterrupted flowlines production


Flowline integrity is mostly tested by utilizing the hydrostatic testing method. However, this method has significant drawbacks. The flowline has to be taken out of service, which denotes production loss to the client. This process challenges the environment and only gives Fitness-for-Purpose (FFP) condition reports on testing. When using this method, no measures can be taken to prevent leaks, which violates the client’s “no leak” policy.

Integrity is better managed when flow lines can be inspected by in-line inspection (ILI). The flowline does not have to be taken out of service, which means there is no production loss, and it does not pose any risk to the environment. ILI provides the FFP condition of the flowline measures used as vital information to prevent leaks, ultimately supporting the client’s “no leak” policy.

PIPECARE has specially designed Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) type inspection scrapers to inspect flow lines that have been deemed unpiggable. Our successful inspections reveal the details of this innovative solution for providing inspection surveys of these pipelines.

We have developed intelligent scrapers that fit into the limited space of the valve cavity enabling ILI. Most flow lines are equipped with three-way ball valves for launching and receiving pipeline scrapers. These valves have limited space, in terms of scraper length, for housing scrapers.