Solving challenges on unpiggable pipelines using dual-diameter MFL inspection technology

Using MFL Inspection Tools for Unpiggable Pipelines


A 42inch pipeline with a 36inch section is plagued with external corrosion, and for many years, the pipeline was considered unpiggable.



PIPECARE designed a dual-diameter magnetic flux leakage (MFL) pig with receding sensor shoes for the 36inch section for maintaining the circumferential inspection frequency. We utilised the 36x42 inch MFL tool for the inspection of this pipeline.


One in five sensors would recede in the 36inch section and the suspension of the sensors would re-arrange the remainder sensors and thus maintaining the circumferential inspection resolution.



The pipeline was successfully cleaned and inspected without any risks. PIPECARE's innovative design of cleaning and inspection tools have solved the challenge of making the unpiggable lines, piggable.

PIPECARE has its own proprietary design and production facilities augmented with its R&D facility and its Centre of Excellence. The pipeline inspection company has a fleet of more than 1000 extra high-resolution inspection tools ranging from 3 in. to 56 in. in size. Currently, development is in progress for other multi-diameter cleaning and inspection tools.

The performance of PIPECARE tools has been independently verified and found to fully comply with the industry latest specifications. 100% client satisfaction is sustained by proper project management and qualified field staff who can handle any ILI challenge.

PIPECARE provides engineering studies, removal of black powder from gas pipelines, pipeline rehabilitation and composite repair, pipeline digital mapping and ILI data management.



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